The Team

We are the Century High School Web Design Team, consisting of 4 members. We pride ourselves in having collaboration, organization, and fun while we design our websites. We actually very much enjoy working with HTML, CSS, and javascript. From planning to artwork to adding functionality to our sites, we can do it with a smile. In our team, collaboration is key to production. Our members, well, see for yourself-

Brenden Napier , head photographer, is in charge of producing and organizing all of our pictures and videos. His skillset allows our team to have an organized folder structure and an ability to keep. Along with that, his editing abilities let us produce high-quality videos and pictures that have been stylized to perfection.

Mathias Schoen (left) and Alex Wilhelm (Right) are the gears of our little website creation group. From HTML to CSS, javascript to jQuery, these two know their stuff. They add functionality and versatility to our website in the hopes of making it more user-friendly and easy to access. On top of that, the majority of the programming is conducted and organized by these two individuals. They used no templates, and hand-wrote the website themselves for an optimized website to work on different browsers & screen resolutions.